Knowledge is as important as breathing. As humans, we never stop learning and with the Learn To Shine Academy Dr. Verena Radlingmayr offers you a way to make your horizon not only broader, but more colourful and supportive of your goals. All events require registration in advance! Are you interested in one of the courses but missed it? Get in touch to inquire about plans or possibilities to arrange an event for you and your friends.


Your purpose in business and life

Saturday, July 3, 2021, 9-12am, in person, 75EUR

Your true self at work

Did you know that being a photographer, artist, entrepreneur, accountant… is not enough? That you need your special something? Have you faced the hardships of defining your uniqueness either because you start a business or need to freshen up your resumé? What is your unique selling point, what is the soul of your company? Who are you at work?

What you’ll learn

  • Why your soul is important in a professional setting
  • How to define the essenceHow to overcome obstacles on the way
  • How it’s all linked to personal happiness
  • What is holding you back

When: July 3, 2021 9-12 Where: Gleisdorf/Business Park Gleisdorf Süd (there is a bus and direct train from Graz)Cost:  75 EUR If you’d rather join us via Skype, please get in touch. Attendance is limited due to current regulations.

What you will get

  • a clear vision of your purpose
  • your unique skillset
  • a map to go further – so you will continue even after the high of the course ebbed off
  • course material


Colour Boost Session

21. Mai 2021, 9-12, 12 EUR (tele session) next one will be on Sept 9, 2021!

Your colours are essential for your well-being. Your energitc blue print is not just blue – it’s  supposed to be colourful and vibrant. Chemicals, stress, electronic devices and screen time dull your colours. Colours are the frequencies our chakras rely on, the essence of our soul. The Colour Boost will  help your whole system to re-charge, re-balance or not loose its footing. Read >>more

Colour and beauty

Seminar 2 hrs 70 EUR (live or online)

Participants learn about colours and their benefits, getting an idea what colour to use when flu is knocking on the door, when throat is sore or your energy levels are low. Further, colours can boost your inherent beauty, and I’d  let you in on the secret. 

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