About me

My work is my passion and helping others is my life’s purpose. Already in childhood, my advice was sought by adults who listened to and confided in me.
I love receiving a gift that comes from the heart. And every time I see the eyes of a child shine, or those of an adult client, it is a gift. There is nothing as rewarding as a person who is finally happy again.

I love to be outdoors, to feel wet grass beneath my feet or to walk along the beach next to the ocean. For me, the sea is a place that touches my soul, makes it laugh, and where the best of two worlds is blended into something new: the stable power of the earth and the airy energy of the sky meet in a kiss that creates something new: gentle and wild, bridging or cleansing. Simply magical.

I became a therapist because it allows me to reach people in a direct way. I can help them so that they feel the joy and courage to live again. My heart is beating for my work as a therapist and all the satisfied and grateful clients confirm that this is my purpose in life.

What else do I get enthusiastic about?
My family. Swimming. Going for a walk. Writing! And of course New Zealand, the country that has touched my soul so deeply.

About me, my work, my passion


(+43)  0 6 9 9  –  1 5 0 1 9 7 5 6

info @ verenaradlingmayr.com

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