For Women

“Verena’s sessions and bioresonance treatments are always helpful and effective. Recently I was agitation personified, one session and a bioresonance treatment later, I am in complete harmony with myself again – I can only highly recommend a session, for both young ones and adults. Many thanks Verena.”

Ursula S.

Individuality is a prerequisite for health and personal success.

A woman’s beauty and ability to stand up for are connected. Do you sometimes doubt your right to do so? Do you ask yourself how, if everything is going to work out? Many women have been there. When they made their innermost longing visible and true, their life became better. Today they are happier than ever before. You can do it too, and I am ready to help you.

“Too much stress and a thousand ideas, several burnouts. I feel my focus returning and I think that bioresonance with Verena is doing more than one might think at first.”

Andrea S.

My female clients work with me to gain good solutions for the following topics:

  • Chaos /exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Decision making
  • Existential fears
  • Family dispute / Silence in the family
  • Weight / eating disorders
  • Communication difficulties
  • Stomach problems
  • Back problems
  • Visual impairment
  • Confident demeanor
  • Traumatic events

” I experience this wonderful feeling on the second day after therapy: cheerfulness, calmness and a special form of joy for life. At 80 years of age, this is the greatest gift.

Juliane K.

Health and stability help you to live your talents. Together we achieve more. Tell me what I can do for you!


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