The all-inclusive package for people in special stress situations. In legal practice, retainers are very well known. You book a service as you are sure you’ll want to use it frequently. And from vacations we are familiar with the luxury offer “All-inclusive”. Such an offer is also available with me.

“Getting a divorce, I really wanted someone to be by my side. Friends and family do that, but I did not want to overburden them. And I needed an outsider’s perspective so I wouldn’t get lost in the wild waters of this period.”

Arthur K.

I offer an all-inclusive service for people who know they need more. Because you are worth it. Because a special situation requires it. For example, you need a confidant to help you through a difficult time and you want the security of knowing that advice is always available.


∙ Guaranteed same-day callback
∙ Guaranteed same day treatment
∙ Fixed date for energetic clearing every 2 weeks

All other details will be agreed on after our first consultation.


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