Welcome to this place, where it is all about your being happy, having order and structure, ease and success. Do you need a fresh start? Do you finally want to know YOUR INNATE POTENTIAL, who you really are, what purpose is waiting for you?

Successful in your private life? You bet!

  • Happy in your free time
  • popular with your friends
  • fulfilled partnership
  • you know your talents
  • because you have a great appearance
  • because you know how to do it!

For entrepreneurs, companies, ordinations, practices, for beginners and those already fighting
Winners need strategies, dreams, a clearly defined goal – and the inner greatness to be sometimes accept help from outside!Because the difference between success and trial is the same.

Because the difference between success and trial is that success is preceded by recognition of shortcomings and insight into how to remedy them. And above all in being able to gracefully be yourself. It is your vision that is needed, not a weakened, adapted form of it.

And what do YOU want?

For finding my way, Verena was and is the best thing that could have happened to me in my life – she reawakened the princess in me and today I am alive! I live when I used to function!


My experience with Verena was very positive: with her perceptive nature she was able to understand my 7 year old son’s psychological make-up and with the help of bioresonance she helped him manage his energy in order to face school challenges with more concentration and discipline


An organisational note:

It’s important to me to advise everyone personally and individually. Your call allows for me to make certain I am the right support for. Therefore, scheduling appointments is only possible by phone and not by email.


(+43)  0 3112  –  68008

info @ verenaradlingmayr.com

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