Please come in!

Enter into this magical journey of discovering paths to your energy, your center, the heart of your true personality, and the balance that is right for you. Discover what it means to live in harmony with everything and how to find peace, in life and beyond. I have been given a gift: I know what your soul really needs and how to bridge the gap to get there. It would be my honour to help you, too.

Love and peace, 

For finding my way, Verena was and is the best thing that could have happened to me in my life – she reawakened the princess in me and today I am alive! I live when I used to function!

Ursula Saischek

My experience with Verena was a very positive one: her perceptive nature helped her understand my 7 year old son’s psychological make-up and with the help of bioresonance she helped him manage his energy in order to face school challenges with more concentration and discipline

Eleonora Filipi


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