You can be you, free, and loved.

I am Verena, your holistic guide through the most challenging stages in life: new beginnings, obstacles, change, divorce, and dying. I’ll help you find your inner calm, guidance, and your natural state of well-being by soothing your emotions. 

Work with me one on one or join a course, seminar or retreat.

For finding my way, Verena was and is the best thing that could have happened to me in my life – she reawakened the princess in me and today I am alive! I live when I used to function!

Ursula Saischek

My experience with Verena was a very positive one: her perceptive nature helped her understand my 7 year old son’s psychological make-up and with the help of bioresonance she helped him manage his energy in order to face school challenges with more concentration and discipline

Eleonora Filipi


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