Dear children, grown-ups and school directors,

Welcome! I am delighted that you are visiting the web pages that I have specially created for knights and chatelaines. These two archetypes both empower children by encouraging them to tap into their inner resources and open up a treasure trove of love, personal knowledge and true will. These treasures, which can be found in every human being, are the key to happiness, well-being and success. 

Knights and chatelaines know how to handle any situation, have a strong sense of their own values and inner security, make wise decisions and carry out their lives in ways that make them role-models for others. 

In all areas that concern us as a society – in nature, in our communal and individual lives – embodying these archetypes helps you to establish a sense of peace, live in healthy harmony with nature, and makes life worth living. You can face any adversities without fear!

These archetypes are also hidden within adults. When they enable you to express all parts of your personality harmoniously, the path of life will run smoothly in front of you, and you feel loved, valued and secure. 

Explore these pages to discover the rainbow of possibilities that help you shine with my support in individual appointments, courses, school programmes and books. 

For finding my way, Verena was and is the best thing that could have happened to me in my life – she reawakened the princess in me and today I am alive! I live when I used to function!


My experience with Verena was very positive: with her perceptive nature she was able to understand my 7 year old son’s psychological make-up and with the help of bioresonance she helped him manage his energy in order to face school challenges with more concentration and discipline



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