The cornerstone of my work is love, the energy that connects, nourishes and strengthens us all. Whether we meet in one of my practices, at your place or online – this is my offer to you.

” I experience this wonderful feeling on the second day after therapy: cheerfulness, calmness and a special form of joy for life. At 80 years of age, this is the greatest gift.”

Juliane K.


I love this brilliant combination of time-tested knowledge and latest research. The Imedis system is the queen among bioresonance methods and is available to you here, coupled with the energies and knowledge I provide. Thus it is being healthy, loved and happy becomes reality again.

Here are some examples where I can help:

∙ (Auto-)Aggression
∙ Allergies
∙ Problems with eyes / vision
∙ Relationships
∙ Depression
∙ Exhaustion
∙ Eating disorders
∙ Communication difficulties
∙ Learning
∙ Stomach pain
∙ Bullying
∙ Difficulties finding focus and with decision making
∙ Back, joints, hip problems
∙ Trauma

“At my first appointment, Dr. Radlingmayr informed me so well about the active principle that I immediately felt I was in good hands.”

Margit R.

The more scientific explanation is that bioresonance optimizes the frequencies in the body. Disturbing frequencies are neutralised and thus the underlying reasons for a problem are solved. During this process, man and machine form a closed circuit.
The expert system Imedis Bioresonance incorporates the principles of quantum physics and biophysics. The device and I help you optimizing your frequencies. The Imedis Expert System combines science and holistic methods to create a harmonious, effective tool meant to aid your well-being. Well-being is a result of me listening, giving you space and helping you.

“The best thing is to have no expectations and just let it happen for you.”

Kathrin F.

Highest athletic achievements are most often the result of teamwork. The people who work with me think of me as their coach. By working with me, this possibility is available for you too.

Children usually ask if that hurts. No, it does not. They love the
” kernels” (globules), which I record during therapy and which they can take home with them. As the globules are made of sugar, they also taste good and children love taking them.

All therapies can be done personally in one of my practices. Or – if you don’t want to or cannot travel – you can have a consultation via Skype as well as receive distance treatment.

Often, one or two sessions are sufficient. But sometimes there are situations where something special is needed. Something that meets your needs even more. Contact me for custom-made packages.

“The treatment was gentle and painless and I felt something happening in my ear. After the session my tinnitus immediately improved. Thank you!”

Margit G.


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