For animals

“My beloved dog Esmi has herniated discs, arthritis, abrasions and could no longer go for walks. An operation was out of the question. Ever since the bioresonance, she has been able to walk every day for 30 minutes. I am so happy!”

Margit G.

Animals are souls that help other souls. They are really our best friends. They bring us joy and make us happy. I myself have two cats and enjoy their presence very much. If she is not well, I treat her with bio-resonance.

Our animal friends are a part of the family and need help from time to time. Although I work mainly with dogs, cats and horses, I am also curious about your favorite animal.

“Verena is the best. Fanny loves the energy balance that Verena does. She enjoys it so much that she falls asleep. Wellness for my horse is important to me”.

Lisa K.


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