Daylight saving time

Did you know that changing the clocks has an effect on the body? There are sources that say that heart attack rates increase at these time changes. There are those who suffer so much from the wrong time that they just carry on as before. There are those who feel run down, worn out. Adults, children and pets take a few days to weeks to get the switch working.

According to a 2014 study, heart attacks skyrocket by 25% (!) on the Monday after Daylight Saving Time (DST). Women are more likely to be affected in spring, men in autumn. Even if you think this is humbug, we all know about jet lag or the effects that shift work has on the biorhythm. The time change is a blow to the inner clock. This internal clock, according to which wise European doctors set their operating times, and with which Chinese doctors have been working for many thousands of years, gives each of our 12 organs two hours. At these two hours it is at its peak, working intensively. Twelve hours later is the low point. In Chinese medicine, emotions are also assigned to each organ, and this is crucial for rhythm changes. Twice a year, our rhythm is torpedoed, causing problems for children, schools, adults and even animals. Because the one hour more or less affects all organs, and therefore all our emotions.

“Like shift work or travelling, there are people who feel less of it,” says Dr Verena Radlingmayr, holistic therapist in Gleisdorf. “That’s just the way it is. But those who are affected by the change should do something for themselves.”

The night before, consciously tell yourself tthat everything will go well tomorrow, attune. Acknowledge and integrate the time change, and tell your body that it can handle it. You can get children used to the change in stages the week before by changing their bedtime a little each day. Those who have animals will know that food is required on Monday at the ‘old time’. Here, too, you can change habits gradually. Otherwise, holistically educated therapists can help in adjusting the inner clock to run smoothly again. This is possible with the time change, jet lag or shift work.

You may like to book your DST distant mental healing, it will be conducted the Saturday before the clocks change (March 27, 2021)

for 35 EUR pp or animal.General terms and conditions apply

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