Nature’s hidden habitants

Once upon a time, a long time ago the denizens of the world, who called themselves humans, knew they were not the only humans to live on this planet. We humans, to say the Fine Folk, Fairies, Littlies, we are the humans, considering. It’s a shame they stole this name from us. A shame. 

But, what is, is, muggles are just the way they are. Brash children, wild bantlings, naive rulers. Ah, what we haven’t seen, experienced, suffered, sustained. 

But those muggles, do they learn? We ask ourselves that—and think, and feel. Seem, it does, that too many worries make it hard to deny the supernatural as banal. Seem, it does, that there are so many fears that everyone feels so it’s hard to declare empathy, the ability to feel others emotions, a scam. It seems, it seems, that someone finally hears our voice and gives a little of her time and a bit of patience because we don’t think in linear head patterns but in those warm, meandering patterns of the flows of the heart. 

Schilda the Fortune Turtle
Book cover
I describe the way to your heart
the way to magic in
Schilda, the Fortune Turtle
a fairytale for the family

Yes we – the first humans. We are Fairies (and don’t you use those small letters, no!), Elves, Gargoyles, Gnomes, Light Shrats and Wood Shrats (not forrest goblins), Leprechauns, Faun, Flower Pixies, Devas, Sprites, and Water Beings, Unicorns, Dragons…. and they all have dark opposites. Brr. But we don’t talk about that today. Brr…Faugh!

We are many and we are always around. 

We have been here first. And why shouldn’t we take back what is ours? A nice pen, a piece of wire, licking some honey. Mm, we love that. But muggles – don’t. No, no muggles don’t.

Well, some are not monsters. But they are loud. So loud. So loud. 


L   –  O  – U  –  U  –  D.

Can you hear them? How their noisy thoughts are broadcast through the air? Can you hear them? How they slap and slap it all around, around? Everything is loud: them, their technology, their lives, even their deaths and passing over is loud.

Shhht. Some don’t go. They just don’t go. They die, are dead. And remain here. But why? No decency there. The animals have become noisy too. They carry chips, mechanical parts, and those are loud, a torture for them, for us. Hearts break. Are getting heavy. But humans can’t hear evermore. 

The Water Sprites cry. But who will help? Children forget their finer senses and become dull, so much so that everything in them denies, blocks, lampoons.


And some of the olde is true, when a fairy’s light diminishes because another child has lost his faith, it’s two lights that rise towards the heavens. Because the child’s soul too is light. It has been born as light and only in the light it can remain. Hence it needs to understand all of what’s at hand: The Fine World, Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, Brownies,…

And what is it you do with those unicorn figurines? Have your brains gone over board? Scandalous! Commerce, capital for the banks, looking at them is torture. The most noble amongst us so disgraced. It needed to be said this boldly. 

Once upon a time everyone had the wisdom of how to stay in our good graces. Forget haughtiness and false pride, instead show your highest esteem and gratefulness for everything and all, and our togetherness will be blessed. 

We are Nature
We are Life
We are the threads
we weave our world to yours again
not as you see fit, but as does a higher Sovereign

We are at your side when in needs
a piece of bread we please

we offer consolation 
and colourful ribbons we could use in celebration

we love laughing and music, a happy dance
come on, give the world a chance
so we can come together in happy cheer
dance together throughout the year

as symbol of the reunion
come on, you knew this would be on!

We are real, as real as you
your inner guide will tell you what to do

to do right follow your heart
the best part, your heart. 


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Seeing the connection
Verena Radlingmayr

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