Life and afterlife

Why living is the most important thing

One thing in advance: even death cannot be rushed. As with everything in life, as long as the time is not ripe, one should exercise patience and perseverance. Peace is not found in death, it is found in life. 

When one day the moment comes for eternal sleep to set in, what will one need then? What will happen? In recent weeks, the question of death, of what happens after that, has been asked a lot.

Everything in life follows waves, an order. That order divides roughly into 

  • light and dark
  • Into ages and universal currents
  • Into the waves of the spheres
  • the development of mankind
  • the development of ourselves. 

And we are meant to follow this order. But the how is up to us, even the if and when are. That is called free will. Besides, the universe knows that there is no evil intention. Everyone does what they do for a good reason, however wrong it may seem to others.  What we do at one time A is the best we are capable of in that moment.

Later on, in moment B, one might think: that was a tad stupid. Or even better: next time I’ll handle that differently. And only ‘next time’ will show wether we stick with our choice or not. 

When after a beautiful life someone feels the veils into the next world slowly getting thinner, feels the other side getting closer, mixed emotions come to the surface. Fear mixes with longing, fatigue with a zest for life, the determination to go on with the need of giving up. This need sometimes strikes early on when life’s burdens overwhelm us. If this is you, see a counsellor or therapist now, or call a help line. 

At age 80 you begin to wonder what awaits you up ahead. In young lives, that up ahead is clear: career, love, hope; later, some look forward to retirement, the time when they can finally be who they are. Others look forward to when the kids are out of the house. Some are not sure if they expect a future from life at all. They drop out – depression, withdrawal or a joyless existence are sometimes an expression of this giving up on the future, again: reach out and get help now. Because you are needed. 

Why continue? A basic rule of life is that you have to solve the tasks you are given. In this life or the next, the one after that. The monad, that vessel in which our spiritual remains are preserved, is carried from one life to the next. As starting capital, so to speak. And the next life will be easier if one does not carry too many old burdens. Even if certain dreams seem out of reach in this life, we can still go on, for ourselves and for the purpose we have in live. Make the most of it and enjoy the lifetime we have. Because death is neither a solution nor the end, it is a beginning.

Many near-death reports mention a light. Medicine describes this as a chemical process of the brain. From my point of view, what is most important is the love we all return to. Love is the point where our eyes are truly opened to knowledge. We see the past life through rose-tinted glasses. They transform attacks that have happened to us into learning tasks and opportunities, transform so many problems into the dissolution of karmic entanglements and the release of inherited beliefs. 

The time of death is predetermined for every human being. No one can know it, but when it comes, we feel it. You feel it yourself, not your relatives who are hungry for inheritance. However, too much chemistry, too many harmful substances and the delusion of the soul with all kinds of contents, dampen the awareness of this moment and sometimes even prevent a deceased soul from finding its way. 

But normally everything goes smoothly, that’s how life has predetermined it, that’s how life has intended it. One crosses over, returns home, happy to be home. Appearances, however, are deceptive: because when you look at life from a distance, it is, like everything else, especially beautiful. Therefore, one simply wants to return here.

That’s why it is a good idea to enjoy it right now. Because life is what the soul longs for. The eternal cycle of death and rebirth can only come from the fact that we long for life. This longing is also what drives us in life: we want to learn, to fulfil a task, to go on. To be human. 


Such a heavy topic raises many questions despite everything. I don’t want to leave the readers hanging and at the same time I ask for your understanding that not all questions can be answered in one blog entry. For those who want to know more, there is the course Existence (EA1), where I also give insight into my personal experiences and where they learn what they can do themselves to live a good life. 

What happens to animals? 

It varies depending on the breed, but they all have one thing in common: they go home to the green meadow of Mother Holle. 

Why do children/babies die?

The pain behind this question is one that brings people to their knees. That’s why I advise seeking help in this case: from counseling centers, Saint Mary, or in personal conversation. 

Why be good then?

Very often I am asked how it is with those who are evil. Why should one be good, when everyone comes to love anyway? There is a reason for that, but that would go beyond the scope of this seminar. These topics are dealt with in the special seminar “Existence”. 

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