Chemicals in your body – a danger to your soul and how to fight it off

The dose makes the poison.


To be at peace with yourself, it is also important to take care of yourself, eat well, indulge in fun. But did you know that chemistry has a much stronger impact on the body than we previously thought? At present, we have to make decisions without being able to know for sure the consequences of these. But those who learn from history can help themselves.  

Never in the history of mankind have we been challenged as much as we are now. Here is a list of strains that our system, our body must manage: 

  • electricity, e-smog
  • genetically disturbed food (I refuse to call it enhanced)
  • additives in food (hormones in milk and meat, colours, flavour enhancors, sugar, just to mention some)
  • around-the-clock-availability
  • fumes, exhausts
  • toxins
  • substances in cosmetics
  • cosmic radiation
  • constant radiation

And yes, people have always endured stress, but they have also died of it. The generations before us did not grow as old as we di, lost their teeth early and passed on genetic deficits to the next generation (keyword: epigenetic trauma inheritance). 

To cope with these demands, every system – body , mind, soul and information – is grateful for support. And many people are ready to give it this support. They eat mindfully and thoughtfully, they regularly go out into the fresh air. Have learned to deal with e-smog and trust that all is well. They take care of themselves, their values, their clan. 

Effects of the poison

Any poison, of which there is too much in your body, makes you sick. The dose makes the poison, Paracelsus already said. We know that. 

A fact less well known is that chemistry may be able to affect the soul. Dr. Masaru Emoto, the renowned Japanese researcher, has proved this. He photographed water crystals. He wanted to check whether external circumstances have an influence on water, since we humans are largely made of water. And what he was able to capture in pictures surpasses the expected: Mozart has a beautiful effect and makes water crystals very symmetrical. Heavy metal, on the other hand, does not. Words like love and gratitude make water crystals golden. Hate makes them brown. He repeatedly told a water in a jar what a fool it was. Not only did the crystals turn ugly, when used as water for watering plants, the foolish water killed the plant he was watering with it.

In the course of this research, he found that drugs also have an effect on the water inside us. Any chemicals have an effect: they distort the water crystals. He assumed that this was the reason why so many souls cling to the earth. 

Men and The Divine

In every religion there is something, someone who controls destiny, who is the CEO, the boss, in a way. When in doubt, the big boss decides what, how and when. To acknowledge that is humility. But humility and modesty are virtues that are threatened with extinction. They are on the red list of virtues so to speak. 

What is humility and how does it differ from modesty?

The dictionary says it so beautifully: Humility is surrender born from insight into the necessity of and the willingness to accept the circumstances. Humble is the person who accepts that there is something higher. And surrenders. The one who acknowledges that there are limits. We find humility in expressions like: man thinks and God directs. And Plato claims that humility was a virtue of the Atlanteans. Modesty, on the other hand, is not frugality, modesty stems from insight and the conscious decision to refrain from boasting. Modesty is pride that one does not project outwardly with all one’s might. 

Humility as a ground rule

Humility is a fundamental prerequisite for moral, ethical action in the fields of science. What line can be crossed – with a clear conscience – and what line not? Admittedly, weighing the pros and cons is difficult, but not impossible. Heart and intuition can guide us where experience of mind is scarce. For one cannot foresee certain consequences. No one was able to foresee that the detonation of the hydrogen bomb in Bikiniatoll would melt atoms. People had an inkling of its effects. The reality exceeded everything that was expected. A test that went wrong. A trauma that gnaws at the world to this day. 

Humility is the only thing that stops us when we believe we can be like God. Here, too, the boundary of what is possible, what is feasible, is fluid. What can be justified, what not?

The current discussion shows once again that possibilities are all too tempting. The devil is in the details. The healthy immune system can bear it if one ingests glutamate once. Or inhales deeply in traffic. Or eats the wrong meat. The immune system can do that, and so much more when it is rested, relaxed. If you’re in love, colds and similar diseases don’t stand a chance. Even a short-term adrenaline rush can be a reason to stay healthy: I can’t get sick now because my job/child/situation wont permit it- the reasons tostay healthy are as manifold as people are. 

Chemistry, even given with the best of intentions, can stress the immune system. The immune system is the internal defense, an adaptive system that is able to recognize whether an intruder, a newcomer, or an endogenous cell is friend or foe. And then it takes the necessary steps: healthy cell – no need for action. Cancer cell – destroy. And so it makes us fit again. An intelligent, adaptive system. 

Chemistry can trick the body into believing that everything is fine. Or it can put it under stress: if there is too much chemistry in the body, then the immune system has its hands full. 

Chemistry, or natural substances that have been changed into something new, are foreign to the body. And the unnatural has found doors to sneak in where no foreign body can otherwise go. Sometimes into the brain, sometimes into the soul. Because chemistry also influences, changes, or binds the subtle parts of our self. 

The solution

Development is something natural. We are all happy to have washing machines. Or dishwashers. Mankind has evolved too, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to cope so well with the demands that are out there. As mentioned at the beginning, there are many of them.

The changes bring new demands, making it necessary to combine intellect and natural intuition. For this is how each person develops his or her own incredible power. In order for us to be able to do this, so many centres had to develop within us, from the brain to the glands but also the subtle centres of spiritual power known from the Indian teachings, the chakras. A difficult challenge.

When we speak of soul, it sounds very abstract. Soul resembles our heart, that which guides us. It leads us to the person we love. It leads parents who listen to their heart in times of crisis and choose from the many solutions on offer the one that is exactly right.

This time is a test of our heart. Because when everyone jumps off the bridge, when we separate out, inflame, and antagonize, it is not only emotions that run high on the outside. Also in us. Fear, stress, uncertainty – they cloud the mind, they cloud the heart.

But the far-reaching effects of the decisions one has to make in everyday life cannot be grasped with the mind alone. Because no matter how much we wish we did, we don’t have all the answers. Therefore, there is no recommendation except this: check your heart!


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