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Anything to inspire living together or making living together easier as well as all that life wants to tell us is subject in my blog. Some articles are public, some are available for members only.

What does the members’ corner offer? Stories, poems, books, knowledge and inspiration, suitable for readers of all ages.

Finally, a place where I can learn more about the world of the Elves and Finer Races.

Hannah, 8 years old

I like Verena and her stories.

Anton, 10 years

“The poems are simply beautiful. Every evening I read one and it changes something, it’s as if I get access to help through it.”

Gudrun K.

Your abo

Currently there are two different subscriptions for Emglish-speaking readers: one for adults and one for children. And the same is also available for readers speaking or learning German. The subscription is for one year and will not automatically be renewed.

Costs are 10 Euro for adults and 8 Euro for the child- and youth-friendly content.

  • Content suitable for children
    Alle Inhalte ausschließlich kindgerecht
    Ein Jahr lang stehen Ihnen alle Inhalte offen: Artikel, Informationen, Bücher, Gedichte. Die Mitgliedschaft dauert ein Jahr und verlängert sich nicht automatisch.
    Full access to books, articles, poems and more all available in your preferred language, English. The subscription is for one year and will not renew automatically
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