Emotions and matter of the heart

Matters of the heart and emotion—wanted yet not? (pdf)

Heart, heart intelligence, needs, and emotion are needed, wanted, and yet some clients report that these treasures are rarely appreciated, regarded, or respected. To function is the first rule in a world ruled by all things technical. The technical frequency causes humans to become sober, businesslike, and—sadly—heartless. In this technical era anger seems to be the only emotion expressed. Stress, hectic, and the general day-to-day requirements create a climate of frost, as all the hustle and bustle leaves no room for politeness. And a closed heart makes it impossible to understand another person and instead allows all those explanations center stage while hiding the truth that they are nothing but excuses. 

A closed-off heart is meant to protect but the opposite is true: hurt and pain increase and it is our own fault. A closed-off heart isolates, causes illness and reduces the positive, hope-inducing role model-effect parents used to have over children. For a long time, heartlessness had no effect on business success but that’s begun to change. Now that the energies of heart waves are finally coming back and finding every heart, it becomes clear whose heart is a strong enough vessel. Unfortunately, aorta ruptures, self-hatred and total exhaustion are rising instead, simply because one of the most natural forces is returning to the world: the force of the heart. 

Yes, every heart is a force to be reckoned with. We shan’t kid ourselves, a heart can be a destructive force as well, as hatred is a power of the heart. Yet hearts are meant to enliven, and will do if one learns to live, handle, and allow the force. Many find it hard to allow this energy into their heart, mostly because they repeatedly experienced heart ache in the past. But there is no way around it, the force is back and like young Jedi knights we are required to let it grow strong in us. 

With heart intelligence come plenty of gifts: first, the acceptance of another person with all their flaws and strengths. Second, it gifts parents with the unconditional love they shall feel for their children. And heart intelligence brings tact to help us decide wether a truth is necessary and how to deliver it kindly.

The force of the heart has returned. It clears, creates bonds, liberates and reminds us of our worth and that of other people. It will resuscitate old, nearly lost virtues, amongst which true love, following your heartfelt dreams, the wonderful gift of forgiveness, grace, benevolence, mercy, and warmth.

Forgiveness is a nearly forgotten gift, both with men and women. Why? Forgiveness requires understanding and understanding takes effort and time, as well as heartfelt calm.

Forgiveness is, in fact, a truly male characteristic. But many man have forgotten how to activate and live by their heart. They are solely lead by their honour. Honour is great, honour is the primordial substance of men and ever since the beginning of time has been paired with other characteristics. honour without understanding brings forth stubborn pride and vain hardness. It is with in his knightly heart a man understands what really happened so he can feel warm and grace again and lead his family out of crisis.

A load of technical frequencies, stress as well as the energies of envy and coolness and social pressure are the forces one has to battle against. Society doesn’t expect men to be knights nor from women to be ladies. On the contrary it seems these properties are suppressed by society. But the primordial substance of humankind has not changed and is now coming to the surface again. It is the heart that is able to balance it all out. Not hippy not yuppie but a stable and poised human being.

Women tend to react to stress by becoming touchy or needy yet handle the big crisis better than men. The last years and months have—for women—been dominated by sheer fight of survival and a feeling of being at the mercy of some cruel environment, a feeling of defencelessness. Many women learned that people will not respect a woman’s need or had to stand their ground becoming men, overly expressing the male energies every woman has. Gentlemen have been rare and protecting a woman seemed to be out of date. 

To provide protection for a woman is not suppressing her true self or lack of regard. A lot of women refuse to be protected because they have been made fun of, diminished, and insulted if they accepted an offer of help only to realise it was not given from the heart, but from a place of contempt. Protection is only possible if rooted in the highest esteem for this precious treasure, for the polar opposites and the concinnity, the harmonious completion of opposites. It because of the fact that men and women possess the same skills varying only in amplitude that energy flows between them in abundance. 

Protection is simple, as simple as that: most women are afraid in parking garages, accompanying a woman to her car is a simple, yet knightly that that would be highly appreciated. That’s protection.

Grace, warmth, kindness, all this requires understanding. This means that love is not to be equated with candy-floss and romance, because understanding requires objective intuition and controlled emotion. Love is not calculation, but to have the heart in the right place expresses itself differently for each person: the spectrum ranges from selfless to generous and elegant. Everyone finds their place and no one is left alone. 

May the power be with you and may your heart guide you to do the right thing. 

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