Over the period of a few weeks the Queen—an inner archetype that is inherent in every woman—tended to come up, a lot. This female archetype is essential when we want to forgive, when we want to be generous and caring. But also when it comes to recognizing boundaries and establishing a wise sort of order for our kingdom. 


Oftentimes in fairy tales, the queen’s role is non-existent or minor. Much more often, the evil mother-in-law, the jealous new wife or the quarrelsome old woman appear. There were and are enough wise women. But a lot of energy has been spent on erasing these images, suppressing them, putting them in a corner. 

‘No one puts Baby in a corner.’

Dirty Dancing

But the wise woman, the Good Ruler cannot be driven out any more than the good witch, the wise Frau Holle or the brave goddesses of ancient Greece. They are all heroines, are energetic imprints at your disposal. They all contribute something to the queen. Because the world needs queens, the chatelaines who are faithful to themselves and connected to the world. 

An attempt at description

The queen does not confuse freedom with indifference, distinguishes between freedom and false responsibility, snobbery and composure, rebellion and resistance or cowardice and calm. Composure is essential, but not above everything. She feels anger as well as compassion, understanding as well as straightness and does not allow herself to be humiliated, exploited, alienated or subjugated. 

She rules over her realm: her body, her emotions, her thoughts, her contribution to this world. In her meekness she is never submissive and her self-confidence does neither make her arrogant nor arrogant-proud. She knows how to distinguish the good feeling of having done/created something good from the pride of the empty soul and the hard heart. The queen laughs and enjoys life. The burden of her responsibility is one she carries with humble pride, ease and acceptance. Never once does she ask why, never once does she doubt that she is the one for this role, this task. In her heart she knows the way.

Sometimes dark forces try to seize the soul, the heart, the gift of the Queen, greed for her light, her beauty, her body. She, though, knows how to resist threats from outside, because she is confident, defends herself and her family. Knows when it is time to open and receive and when it’s time to keep a distance, to withdraw. She knows the difference between rats and knights, quacks and healers. She recognizes when the dark side in her comes out. And learns from it. Her weaknesses bring forth a willingness to be helped, humility, whom to confide in and who to connect with because she looks at them through the guiding eye of her strengths. Her strengths show her the way to the right help, the right love, and the right mission. 

The Gap

For many years now I have seen how there is a gap not only in families, but also in women, that leads to pain, insecurity and withered dreams.

Instead of unfolding freely, they comply. Instead of allowing themselves to have it all, both, they choose. Marked by generations and oppressed, attacked, antagonized, not  yet enough women (and men) manage to shape their lives as worthy of a queen. They judge themselves and others with a harshness that is neither masculine nor feminine, but simply destructive. 

‘I don’t understand why she gets herself into this.’ ‘I can’t hear it anymore.’ Silence. Silent suffering. Self-destructive partnerships. Not single, yet alone. 

We know the dark side of queenhood, and many suffer from it. I have come to believe that to heal the gap in women is to heal the gap in the world. Closing this gap requires a strong self, the will to accept all that is, the competence to set boundaries, make rules and be flexible, and the joy to develop and pursue a vision, not against something, but for something. 

In everyday life

Being a queen has a thousand facets. Determining for yourself what you are like as a queen is not a life task, but an act of gentle listening. Listen to the subtle voice of the inner queen fed by the source, the primal energy. 

When you notice yourself becoming quarrelsome or jealous, ask yourself if you would accuse a stranger of what you accuse your loved ones of. See if your rules are too strict or too unclear. Whether you know, ignore, or curtail the needs of your charges. Whether your tribe is collectively becoming something greater than its parts. Whether you are happy from the heart, or, say, have locked yourself in a tower.

Shatter the walls of isolation and stop the wild scattering of your energies. Even a queen who does a thousand things remains centred in her core, stays true to who she is. 


This blog, the Blog of the Guild of Light, has been given the task of showing humankind the worth of individuality and community and to teach them to bring both together in harmony and how walking your individual path together with others will prosper health, success, and well-being. 

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