The Hedgehog

A hedgehog went about his day
when he realised that Sun had changed his way
so autumn was about to end
an he knew also that meant

he had to find his place to sleep
a lovely one, one that would keep
him warm and protected until March
when life could be resumed, loud and large.

He found a house that suited him
and as it was free, he instantly moved in
made of leaves and leaves, piled high, so high
he settled in, and fell asleep with a sigh.

When he woke the next year
he was happy to hear
insects bustling around
because that meant food could be found
and he was hungry after months of sleep
he felt his stomach rumble, low and deep.

He had been lucky this winter
no fallen logs, no child disturbing him midwinter 
if you want the hedgehog to survive
you need to let him sleep of the months five

don’t peer in
don’t poke, that’s a sin
leave the leaves well alone
for life to go on.

PS: According to English grammar, it should be used for pronouns with animals, if they are not pets or if you are not referring to your best bull (him) or your best hen (her). However, I think it’s time ton give animals the respect they deserve, hence the use of hi/him in this poem.

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