The two sources

Whatever you do in life can be done out of one of two sources: your high self, the light or your low self, the dark. Even if the act comes from the heart – because the heart is a vessel for both love and hatred, understanding and disregard, warmth and coldness.

When I first realised I wanted to start a business, I had a clear, but shy idea of what I wanted. I lacked courage, faith, both in the outside world and myself. When I got my purpose, when I received the mandate of the Guild of Light, I was honored and disgusted, horrified and pleased. When I realised I was meant to help people shine their true light in the rightful way, I thought it too little and too much. Who was I to tell others how? Why couldn’t I do something more interesting, like healing? All these came from my soul, my dark side and the light. 

But they do say that everything in life happens for a reason. And what I always believed, that your mission and your purpose will always come to you, I now know for sure. I learned if you don’t listen, don’t accept, not only will you regret it, they will haunt you, come to bite you, smash something over your head until you not only realise but accept from the beautiful bottom of your very bright soul the tasks that lie ahead, embrace them with your heart of hearts and the strong mind of yours that will lead to happiness and success.

During my struggles a lot of interesting people crossed my way. There were (and sometimes still are) those who mean well. Beware. Those who mean well usually stay out of your business until asked in. Why do others barge in like a snowplow (looking out the window I see the beautiful dance of the very first snowflakes this year, hence the analogy)? Once I thought there was only one reason: they wanted to help. Then I thought there was only one reason: they are mean. Now I know that the reasons are as manifold as the snowflakes dancing in the sky. These poor souls can’t help themselves, literally. They don’t know how to shine, so they divert their pain, their loneliness, their boredom by rescuing, stepping in, knowing better. Some are just plain ill, mentally: bipolar disorders or conditions similar to depression, others lack the skills to set and respect boundaries. Others … well you see, the list could go on and on.

In Schilda, the Fortune Turtle Gustav and Anna learn how to overcome adversity and how to follow your heart.

One of the hurdles that turned out to be a stepping stone was about money, income. While I always knew I wanted to help, I had problems with the concept of fair compensation. You’d want to help anyways if you are a good person, right?

Wrong. Possibly the hardest lesson for me, my soft heart, and my whole being. But it taught me the most valuable lesson: self-worth and appreciation, two sides of one whole. Everyone and everything has a worth. When I go out to get some herbs or healing leaves, I do have a ritual: I ask for help and offer compensation. And I dare say my herbs are special, really. They are as powerful as they can be, no matter when I pick them. Why do I do that? The part of me that is rooted in the elfin world has manners ingrained in it. The Fine Folk are people who wouldn’t dare to misbehave. They expect manners. Fullstop. I know my worth and appreciate theirs. 

While I learned about money and payment, someone tangled in a side lecture and taught me manners can be skin deep or soul deep. Beware you who enters these enchanted woods, should your manners’ roots not reach the soil of the light soul!

And manners, appreciation, regard may or may not be the reason someone pays you (enough). I’ve seen people showing their highest regard and others expressing their utmost disdain when handing over cash. Reasons? Aplenty. Some are so full of themselves, suffer from delusions of grandeur, others are full of envy, hatred, or simply….you see, the truth is neither in actions, nor in words.

The truth is tapping into your source of light and be congruent. Say, think, feel, act accordingly. The truth is shining a light onto your skills, and onto your weaknesses. This requires courage, faith, and self-esteem. Looking at your weaknesses is not meant to bring you down, but lift you up. Up to those who complement you, who have the skills you lack. Shining a light on your skills is fun, and will make you realise how wonderful you are. Needed, worthy. 

Needed, not in other people’s life to make it right, but needed in the greater scheme of things. Shine your light, make your path. That’s plenty. That’s enough. 


This blog, meant to guide you in your individual light, was named Blog of The Guild of Light. What sounds a bit sanctimonious, actually is the opposite. The Guild of Light is not a group of followers, but a consolidation of free individuals regarding each other with acceptance, knowing that Individuality and togetherness without dependence are possible. And that freedom has nothing to do with being alone.

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