Baby Boom-what Diane Keaton can teach you

I recently re-watched Baby Boom, a movie starring Diane Keaton, while doing some kitchen cleaning. Astonishing as it may seem, this movie teaches an important lesson: do not neglect any aspect of yourself in favor of another. Or: be all you are. 

The movie

Diane is J.C. Wiatt, known as the Tiger Lady, a Harvard and Yale top of the class graduat who is married to her 16 hour job. She strives for one thing only: to be made partner. A middle-of-the-night phone call changes everything. JC inherits a baby. Together with her boyfriend she decides to give the girl up for adoption. Her boss tells her that you cannot have it all, which strengthens her resolve to give Elisabeth to someone else. But then she can’t. Her decisions lead to her loosing first the boyfriend and then her career. Humiliated and defeated, she buys a house in Vermont and spends her days making apple sauce for tiny Elisabeth. 

The house is in disrepair and as the problems keep piling up, JC is on the brink of a break-down, both mentally and financially. She faints and wakes up in the vet”s practice. A chance encounter in the grocery store inspires her to use her talents an work-experience and combine it with her new life style. 

Gourmet, organic apple sauce for babies it is. And what starts as a small venture soon turns out to be a huge success. JC is offered a great deal of money for her brand, Country Baby. In the end, she declines and goes back to Vermont, apple sauce and love. 

The secret

First, JC is career only. It’s all about a very masculine way, or what I’d call an uninspired, soulless way. Because while every woman can have a career, it should be one that’s in alignment with her true self. Wether that’s corporate business or cooking, law or life counseling, Harvard or Hogwarts. What matters is to be aligned with your soul, your heart, your talents, skills, and purpose.  

When JC is focussing on being a mum, she isn”t fulfilled either. While she is happy at first, something is lacking. 

Only when she allows all of her aspects, the career woman, the mum, the female, the creative self—including the one needing a man (and se* as she so eloquently puts it), does she find happiness and success. 

Take away

So what aspects are you denying? How would you even know that you do? It could be a nervous tick, a nagging feeling, a small-ish health disturbance. From personal experience I do know that there is always some pointer, one that”s easily ignored. But at your own peril 🤪

From a holistic point of view chakras 2, 3 or 5 may be deficient when aspects of the personality are denied or modified. Modification is tricky thing because there is only a fine line between well-mannered and subservient, being a loving child and a martyr, between integrity and politeness. 

Should you realize that some aspects of your self are not aligned with your truth, change. JC did it, I did it, you can do it too! 

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