Hope is a choice

It’s 2063. Ten years after WW3, 600 million dead, no big cities, no governments. In this dystopian time hope is born, blossoming. And it comes in the form of a spaceship. A special spaceship. One with a warp core, able to fly faster than light. As it launches, it lays the bridge for a future where money plays no role. Instead humankind serves from the selfless purity of their hearts.

This is the gist of the movie Star Trek: First Contact. And in this time and age, nearly 41 years before first contact, it is a warning, a reminder, e message of hope. It seems Earth has become vulnerable. Earth, as well as its children. 

Children of greed, children of short-sighted egotistical maniacs with a vision of a stark future for most and a future of cruel richness for some. A future of no free will, of AI instead of humanness. With people being lead like sheep because they have been too blind to see. Blinded by the easiness promised. Blinded by leisure, a so-called balance. Their need for entertainment. 

A world, where the power of some serves to disparage, divide, divert. 

A world, where discovering your true self, true purpose is said to take hours of your daily time, years to figure it out, big chunks of your money. Hence trapping you even further in the treadmill: because you have to serve it in order to become who you already are. 

A world of grief, pain, sadness.

A world lost. Hurt. Used.

A world where some who see, rage against the machine, the regime, the status quo without a vision of what they are striving for, not using their will and power to create something good. 

A world in chaos. 

But as everything breaks down, everything rises up.

Rises up to create. A world of unity and harmony. Peace and prosperity for everyone. A world able to sustain all: the children of now and the children of the futures. A world of peaceful coexistence, love and selflessness. A kind world. A kingdom of Camelot. Not in 2063, but now.

The deception

When you look around, it is easy to get lost. Lost in many ways. 

One might loose track of oneself, simply because one is overwhelmed with obligations, things that need to be done, things that need attention. Beeps from the mobile requiring attention. 

One might be lost, because the structures known, plans made, are crumbling down. No matter where you look, things falter. More and more corruption is coming to light. Religions, the base, the foundation, the shelter – lost due to unacceptable cruelty. Marriages, a thing of the past. Vows broken. Friendships spoilt. 

You might be led astray by the promise of a (easy) way out. You grab it like a lifeline. Only to realise later on that the life line has been nothing but deception. You’ve been deceived. Because you let yourself believe that the solution is out there. That life has to be easy, when all it has to be is smooth. A river’s moving constantly forward, no matter what obstacles cross its path. That’s smooth. It ain’t always easy though. 

One might be led astray by the sparkling veneer, the wealth, the joy others seem to spread, to feel. Only to realise later on that the joy is skin deep. 

One might be led astray, but still know the way. Because even in your darkest hour, the light resides in you. No matter how wrong or wronged you feel, you can make it right. Right now.

The choice

As we follow our path, we will all come to several crossroads. Again and again we will be invited to change, grow, take the next step. Why, do you ask? Why is change the only constant? It’s easy to understand when you think of life as a river flowing. Flowing towards an ocean far ahead, constantly moving. And with every move, every stone you encounter, every fish you nourish, every bird who comes drinking, and all the children who enjoy themselves playing both on the bank and in the waters, the river changes. Life is this river. And like the river takes things in stride, so can we. We can start by inviting God back into our lives. By being grateful for every experience, even those who hurt, threaten us. Because every experience holds a gift: the gift of growth. Growth, the way of expanding your self, your depth, your knowledge. Growth, the way to fulfil your destiny.

Sometimes we falter. Some more than others. Some might stumble, others may fall.Then you have the choice. Follow the deceptively easy path or the smooth one.


For humans to avoid conflict and wars, every one of us is invited to create. Because every one has the ability to change the world for the better. The flow of life feeds those who work towards betterment, for something and not against. It feeds those pure of heart and willing to abide by the universal laws. It offers stamina, it offers perseverance, strength, limitless energy and a load of colours. It will also provide you with all you need to survive. 

Life in and of itself is HOPE:

There is hope in every child believing in their dream. There is hope in their tiny voices, their concerns, their trust, their intuition. There is hope in every parent listening. Listening maybe despite their own doubt. Listening, even when the tiny voice asks for something that goes against the grain, their own ideas. Because isn’t that what the next generation is about? A new view of the world? And isn’t that what we all wanted from, longed for in our parents: to be understood, heard, respected?

It is said that the children of now are different. This is true. It was true for every generation before them and it will be true for all future generations. Life evolves, and like the river learning from every experience, every encounter, life too learns. Changes. Adapts. Hence the next generation is always different. Epigenetics, the lyrics of human development or the code conducting the orchestra of our DNA, is a quick learner. Changing code is a matter of moments. 

Changing lives is too. You can change the world by changing yourself. Because you are the world. When you manage to rise above, when you dare to dream, dare to express, fulfil your true destiny, dare to simply take the next step, the world will be changed for good. 

This blog, meant to guide you in your individual light, was named Blog of The Guild of Light. What sounds a bit sanctimonious, actually is the opposite. The Guild of Light is not a group of followers, but a consolidation of free individuals regarding each other with acceptance, knowing that Individuality and togetherness without dependence are possible. And that freedom has nothing to do with being alone.

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