A lot of people in different circumstances are loosing hope. Some due to an illness ravaging their bodies, assisted by burning chemicals feeling like fiery drops of acid; others due to the fact that life has lost colour. Colour is not just an accessory, colour is the best, the very imprint as well as an expression of life. Colour is a result  of and a prevalent for hope. Still others loose hope because they fear there’s no or only a dark future ahead. And even if you don’t fall in any of these categories, you might get caught in the intangible web of energies gathered around you and the globe. These webs are the result of heavy thinking and bleak emotions sent out into the ether and are constantly emitting a heavy vibe of grey boredom, terror, guilt, slouchiness, or murky ideas, and depressing thoughts. We all consist of tangible and intangible parts, and the intangible parts of ours known as the aura form a bubble of energy around each being spanning at least 25-50 meters (!) in diameter. This is why we cannot remain untouched, unfazed, by what’s going on unless we learn to set energetic boundaries as well as learn how to see beyond the chaos created by forces invested in their very own agenda.

If you look there, what do you see?

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You might be inspired to take a walk in nature. While walking through a forest, near a stream, or along the shore, you will feel, see, hear, and be touched by nature’s beauty. By the essence of life. You may find a smile in your heart, your eyes, your soul.

When you look beyond the chaos you’ll see light. You’ll see the wide path of light waiting, inviting you to travel along this beauty road. You will see the yellow light of your Self, your true core and essence reflected in the most brilliant hues from gold to sunflower and the lightest of yellows.

You’ll find there the desire, and the strength, to go past the chaos and into a life based on your true calling, true nature, true self.

It is there that you’ll find hope and peace, love and guidance, joy and delight. You’ll break the limitations of rules serving only a few and find instead the universal laws of life, treating everyone the same, yet taking differences into account. You’ll find a road for a life worth living despite not matching expectations of the old world.

You’ll see, truly see and understand that inner freedom is a choice of following your own path while bowing to the Higher Good of all. You’ll learn how to fit in without compromising your soul and how to remain loyal to yourself by setting boundaries out of love and necessity rather than fear and hatred. 

You’ll follow along something bigger than you, but you will do so out of free will, accepting that true power is chosen out of respect and trust rather than fear. And you will see that God’s love is reflected in His having granted you free will: the power to choose, the power to create, the need to shape without expectations.

This is the power of unconditional love.

A love given to you before birth, a love that nothing and no one can take away from you. Even if you chose to reject it, felt unworthy of it, or hated it with every fiber of your being, it’s there. It’s loving you enough to wait patiently for you to open up to love again. For you to forgive yourself and reclaim the power within—the true soul power of a loving, committed heart. 

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