The song of the flower

When the world comes together to celebrate Valentine’s day on February 14, a custom that has come to be part of many a country, the world celebrates a day of Love, Esteem, Friendship and Open Hearts. And what language transports love’s message best? The language of flowers. So when, in the turbulent 25th year of the new millennia, the world rejoices in love whoever manages to have an open heart will receive the blessings of the universe. But aren’t hearts open by default? Not necessarily. If you can truly see the same beauty in the withered rose as in the one in bloom, then you know your heart to be open. In this article you’ll learn about the signs of an open heart, discover the language and melody of the flowers and the magic that they weave and how to rejoice in the beauty of life.  

More than an organ, the delicate heart carries the utmost power.

The Heart – a power bomb 

It is an established fact that the heart is an energy centre. Thanks to HeartMath Institute there is a scientific database proving what others knew instinctively. The heart is an energy center, not just an organ. This fact is well rooted in the traditions of the far East and has been known for thousands of years, where these energy centers are known as chakras. The heart is C4—the forth chakra, the chakra with the blasting power of a bomb.   

Think of the heart centre as a round disc constantly moving. The disc moves in a certain direction (counterclockwise for men, clockwise for women) while constantly exchanging information with the environment. 

This centre is one of the most important energetic centers as everything comes together in its core: above and below, inside and out. It connects a human with others. It is said to be the seat of the soul and our wise inner judge who honors everything head and gut equally, the one capable of tempering justice with mercy, consideration and leniency, understanding and caring.  

Open and light

To have an open heart brings a lightness to life. These people radiate laughter, homier, sisterhood, brotherhood, playfulness, and a zest for life. They receive warmth, love, and cordiality from various sources. 

It’s not always easy to keep an open heart. Energy resembles a river, a flow, and as such can be booked, dammed or drained. Certain life circumstances may lead to a blocked heart energy. In addition to technical and chemical reasons, heartaches cause people to close off their hearts. Heartaches, and fear. 

Will we know when this happens?

Whenever the physical heart, malfanctions, we are aware. Cardiac arrhythmias, heart attacks, aortic problems or blood pressure issues are signs of physical heart weaknesses.

The energetic heart, C4, is more subtle. A disturbance will come to your awareness through the little things, it at all. Hunched shoulders protectively surrounding the heart can be a sign (however, this posture may have other significances, so be careful when interpreting it). One may realize that they no longer feel joy when watching a sunset. Or that their flowers just won’t bloom, that their cherry tree is small and weak. Sneezing and nose bleed have been said to carry a message from the soul. 

A blocked C4 can sometimes lead to little children or dogs avoiding you, It may cause colors to seem dull and gazes to be sad. It may seem that life is somehow empty. 

More often than not we are not aware of the fact. One fills one’s life with so much spectacle, adventure, travel, gadgets, conversations, sport, friends, and success that it looks like a colorful dance. 

However, sometimes one gets the feeling that there could be more. 

And these are the moments when we should listen. Those moments when the heart sends a weak signal in the hope of being freed, revived, healed are moments of opportunity. 

Melody of life

Herz in rosa und gold
Sheltered, yet open

The heart is the seat of the soul. Those who have their hearts protected but open hear the melody of life. They understand that love is more than just a word, see beyond the big lump, the homogeneous block to what is real.

They see the vulnerability of others. They see the subtlety in each other’s nature. They see that there is no intention behind most malice. They can forgive and conciliate. They see love forming many fine veins into a great whole. That the song of the rose is made up of a thousand beautiful notes. That there is no freedom without commitment, no unity without individuality. Seeing that love leaves you free and at the same time imposes the duty to respect and value the other. For otherwise it would not be love. See the desire to grow in order to experience even more love. See that everyone sings their own song of love and that there is no right or wrong in it. They see the miracle of the rose.

The rose

When the rose retracts her juices in winter, she is still beautiful. Because her magic is not lost, it simply becomes less obvious. It takes the magician, the dreamer, the open-hearted to see the magic of the winter rose. When she shows her thorns, when only the last rose hips remind us of her splendor, it takes a truly gentle heart to see the beauty of the blossom. Caring and experienced, the winter rose sits majestically like the old, beloved queen.

And when the sun’s rays tickle the first young shoots, hope sprouts with them. The young shoot bursts forth with all its strength and at the same time wants to be protected. It is fragile, delicate and needs protection from the outside. Gentle wind, warm light, good rain. 

It also carries within a fire, a passion, the will to win, the grace and the promise of more. A brave, beautiful heart is the gift of young shoots that stretch out towards life, laughing and tender.

The flowers in their beautiful buds whisper of the allure of love, the magic of patience and that everything will happen in its own time. They invite us to take care of the future that is already emerging. They are the first buds and reveal the miracle of life. They hold it, guard it, protect it until it is ready to blossom.

And then it comes, blossoming in its full splendor. The blossom is what we see as a sign of love. The blossom, the beautiful adornment, expresses love, shows its beauty, which is in the delicacy of each petal, in the velvety magic.

How beautiful it is. And yet it carries within it the silence of farewell, the return to the roots. For soon the first leaf withers and gently staggers towards earth, where it is embraced, where it can come home.

And that is love: the more, the all, the delicate, the ornate, the big and the small, the quiet and the loud. All this and much more, the promise to endure through all phases of life and to walk the path together, even if it comes to an end. For those who look at the wilted blossom and see the magic of beauty in it, have helped carry the path of love.

And when the last leaf has fallen, the circle closes and carries within it the melody that every heart recognizes.

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